First Anniversary Gift

First Anniversary Gifts
For Him - For Her

What better first anniversary gift for the "paper anniversary" than a personalized love poem in an attractive frame? Each customized poem is personalized with the couple's name, anniversary date and a special closing message.  Some have an optional opening for a treasured photograph. These first anniversary gifts for your husband, wife - boyfriend, girlfriend - or a special couple that you know - will become a lasting keepsake. You won't find a more unique first anniversary gift!  Free Shipping Available

79-FA - $49.99 - Framed poem
For Him or Her

55-FA - $49.99 - Framed poem
For Him or Her

89-FA - $49.99 - Framed Poem
For the Anniversary Couple

FA-307-BR - $49.99 - Frame & Bear

FA-134-M - $49.99 - Musical Frame

FA-M785-M - $49.99 - Musical frame

FA-198-M - $49.99 - Musical frame

FA-514-M -$39.99 - Roses

FA-M80-P - $49.99 - Musical frame

First anniversary gift
755-FA - $42.99 - Solid oak frame
Gift for Him - To Husband from Wife
08-FA - $49.99 - Poem in frame
Gift for Her - To Wife from Husband


02-FA - $49.99 - Frame & Poem
For Husband or Wife


One of the most celebrated anniversaries is a couple's first anniversary.  It marks the end of a year filled with firsts and begins a new year of dreams and promises for the future.

In 1922 Emily Post wrote her first etiquette book listing traditional anniversary gifts for the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries.  In 1957 Ms. Post expanded the list to include more anniversary years, recommending gifts for the first 15 years and for every five years after that.  The traditional anniversary gifts for the early years of marriage are inexpensive and more practical than gifts for the later years. 

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  Paper has been used for centuries to exchange ideas and express feelings.  As a first anniversary gift, paper can be used in a number of ways.  taking a photograph of their first apartment or house is a fun way for a couple to remember their beginnings when they celebrate additional anniversaries.  A photograph of a couple on their first anniversary day, perhaps at their favorite restaurant, is a favorite way to commemorate that special day.

Stationery is a traditional paper gift for a first anniversary.  From the days of using a quill pen and parchment to modern times of printing email messages, men and women have used paper to convey messages of love.  What better time to give a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend a touching love poem than on their first anniversary? Although some choose to create their own love poems, most people choose to buy one already designed and personalize it for their use.

With that in mind, the writers at have created heartfelt love poems that celebrate the very special joy of a first anniversary.  Each poem is personalized with the couple's name, anniversary date and a custom message of your choosing at the bottom of the poem.  As an option, an area for a photograph can be cut out so that a treasured photo of the anniversary couple can be displayed.  These touching poems are surrounded by beautiful designs and printed on quality parchment paper.

What better way to celebrate a first anniversary with a traditional paper gift than with a love poem that expresses all the joy of the past year and hopes and dreams for the future.  Give your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend a touching gift that will remind him or her of your special first year together.  You won't find a more unique first anniversary gift!

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First Anniversary Gifts

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